The Canal Centre aims to be open from 10am to 4pm every day of the week, both summer and winter. As long as we have a qualified boat skipper about the place (and there usually is at least one) boat trips can take place on demand in all weathers - except when the canal is iced over!

May 4th, 5th and 6th - Roger at Canalway Cavalcade, Little Venice

May 18th and 19th 2019 - The 26th Rickmansworth Festival

Videos of Past Events

As well as some of his videos of the Festival elsewhere on this site Les Mead has a large collection of footage of other activities and events around Batchworth over the years. Just take a look! 

Walkers & Trinity Court 1989 

Walkers Boat Yard Demolition 1991 

Canal Repair Stockers 1989

Roger lifted for renovation 1993

Presidents Centenary at Batchworth July 2009 

President at Batchworth 2009 

Music at Batchworth 2009 

President NB leaves Batchworth 2009 

Snow at Stockers Dec 2009

Snow at Batchworth January 2010 

Clive and Sue Wedding Reception on Roger

President NB arrives 2010 

Lot mead & Batchworth lock 2010

Canalside Carol service 2010 

Shire Horse prepares 2012

Ilkeston Towed by Shire Horse 2012

Ricky Folk Festival Down at Batchworth 2014 

Volunteers working at Batchworth April 2015

Fitting new lock gates at Stockers Lock February 2015

Visit of Hertfordshire Mayors and Chairs to Batchworth September 2016

The building of the new Batchworth Lock Education Centre - summer and autumn 2018