Saturday 21st May 2022

12:00 Sophia Joan - pop rock

“My name means wisdom, but I don’t think I’m that wise….”

Writing and producing her own heartfelt songs about her authentic, awkward and quirky day-to-day life is what pushes Sophia Joan to express her inner musings, stating herself “My music is all the things people want to say but struggle to put into words”.

Sophia Joan craft lyrics out of the alphabet soup pulled straight from people muddled minds, organises them into concepts they can resonate with – and then, in her typical charitable fashion, gives the thoughts back to her listeners, with soul-entangling melodies to accompany them.

13:00 Four Horsemen - Rock/pop covers

The Four Horsemen are a local band who have been playing in various guises for over 15 years. They have a rhythm section tighter than Kylie’s hotpants, fronted by two guitars and close harmonies. They play rock and pop covers from 70s right through to the present day and guarantee to get you up and dancing.

15:00 Glass Minds - Alternative Rock